The Global Recession

You do not need to have watched the news too often over the last year or so to be aware that interest rates are at an all-time low, because we are suffering from a “global downturn”. Our cash in the bank is earning less interest than inflation is costing us. Savings in stocks and shares have been decimated by stock market falls. The value of property has fallen and we are now worth a lot less than we were eighteen months ago.


So, in all of these price collapses is there anything that we can invest in? The answer is yes – it has also been in the news that the value of gold is rising quickly as wise investors in the know are bulk buying it.


What Can We Do?

But for those of us that cannot afford to bulk buy huge quantities of gold, how can we get in on this rise in value of gold? It is quite simple. The increase in value of gold has driven a huge demand for the valuable material. Buyers cannot get enough of it and they want more. What is more, they are happy to buy small quantities off anybody, which can be melted down to form larger quantities.


Therefore, those of us with small pieces of gold jewellery or any gold trinkets around the house can cash in on the act. We just need to look for one of the many companies that are currently advertising that they will buy unwanted gold and sort it with them.


What Is Worth Anything?

In short, if you have any piece of gold jewellery that is broken,  Best place to sell unwanted jewellery , then it is worth something. Do not throw it out! Look through your cupboards, drawers and old jewellery boxes for any piece of gold that you do not need any more. Even old coins, gold tooth fillings and broken rings are accepted. Some sits will also accept silver and give you a price for that.


How To Sell Your Gold

This is the difficult part in reality. Although the process is very simple, how do you decide where to deal with? It is true that they will all send your gold back to you if you are not happy with the price offered, but you need to look around a few sites and see what other people are saying.


Then make sure that a few simple checks are fulfilled. The buyer that you are dealing with should ensure your gold for you whilst it is in the post. If they do not and the package goes missing, you are out of pocket. They should also be happy to send your gold back to you, totally for free and again insured, if you are not happy with the price. I would also suggest that you ignore those sites that send you a cheque in the post and give you the option to reject the offer. Much better to speak to them so that if you do not like the offer, you know the Gold buyers blog will be back quickly.