What Makes the vivo S1 Pro Very Special?

Last year when the world witnessed the birth of the best smartphone maker, Nokia, the name of their flagship device was changed to Vodafone – a global giant. With the launch of the Nokia E71, Vodafone turned back the hands of many who were disenchanted with their brand. Though the handset was equipped with a stunningly beautiful appearance, it lacked the cutting edge features that the market was expecting from it. In spite of this, Vodafone launched the Vodafone S series to appease their consumers who were not happy with their previous phones. The device was designed in such a way that it had the ability to blend stylish looks and functionality, a factor that most people loved about the handset.

This year, Vodafone again has raised the bar by introducing the vivo s1 pro which has been redesigned to include all the amazing features that their pro counterpart. Though it has the same gorgeous design as the original, it comes with an array of features that makes it stand apart from the crowd. One of these features is the presence of a mammoth 4.2 inch capacitive multi-touch screen. The screen has an enhanced brightness and sharpness making it a great user experience. Apart from that, the Nokia E71 comes with a mammoth 8GB RAM in it and this enables the phone to function flawlessly even if you do not use the internet extensively.

Another wonderful feature of the vivo s1 pro is its fast charging facility that can charge the phone in just over a minute. The lightning fast charging vivo s1 pro  enables you to enjoy an extended talk time on the phone. Also the phone has a very large memory which supports music and videos, some useful applications and a lot of apps. The good thing about the memory is that it allows you to store more information and perform better when it comes to multitasking.

The other highlight of the vivo s1 pro is the rear camera setup which comes with a very large 12.2 megapixel camera. The camera comes along with optical zoom and digital zoom giving you plenty of options when it comes to taking photos. Another amazing thing about the rear camera is that it supports image stabilization which means that you get smooth pictures even in bad lighting situations. With a rear camera setup such as this, you get the ability to take great pictures of beautiful locations that are difficult to access with a point and shoot camera.

The other remarkable feature of the vivo s1 pro is its ability to support dual camera operations. That means that you can have both a camera and a video camcorder on one small card. This card slot also supports the fast lane technology which means that you get super fast data sharing speeds. In fact, the card slot is USB 2.0 compatible which means that it is perfect for connecting your vivo s1 pro to other devices such as your laptop or tablets.

If these features sound good to you, then the best thing to do would be to download a free mobile phone app from the Android Market. This will help you gain more knowledge about the different parts of the vivo s1 pro so that you will be able to find out which handset is perfect for you. You can also compare the two different handsets by using the free cell phone comparison website. This website not only provides information about the two phones but also about the price and any other details you might need.