The news reveals that the AAPL stock for next generation iPhone 12 seems to have found the right compromise with its customers. According to the first reactions on new smartphones.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said iPhone 12 is more than twice the level of the iPhone 11 tier (only two of the four iPhone 12 phones are available for pre-order now). In the first 24 hours, it plans to purchase 1,7 to 2 million preordered devices, compared to 500,000 and 800,000 iPhone 11 devices in the same timeframe last year.

While Apple receives impressive news and announces the aggressive price of its 5 G series of iPhones, there is a main market with exorbitant prices for new smartphones: India. This doesn’t bode well for Apple, particularly as its perspective in India was late.

In India afterwards, manipulated marketing

Besides Apple’s stirring $699 tag, 5G appliances brought the 12 mini iPhone, the same appliance starts at 69,900 Indian roupies (almost $953). The standard iPhone 12 is available at a price of 79,900 Indian Rupees (nearly $1.090) for the 64GB variation, well in excess of $799 US prices.

In order to use this latest iPhone line-up, Indian consumers would have to pay a substantial reward relative to US customers. This is not recent because of the traditional iPhone rates of import duties and other taxes in India. In addition, it is estimated that India’s 5 G launch will take approximately twenty months, and it will take at least four – five years to launch the region.

Indian consumers cannot brace a 5.4″ device because competition has less costly solutions that offer superior technologies, for example quicker display refresh times, improved memories and larger screens. So Apart from this, Apple may lose a chance of taking advantage of the iPhone 12 hype and acquiring significant market share.

However, Apple seems to have a secondary strategy in place: Apple, considering the exorbitant price of iPhone 12, could in Indian smartphone business still be increased before 5 G, which is estimated to have increased to 14 percent annual growth of AAPL stock at however according third-party calculations.

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AAPL’s stock isn’t really presently manufacturing the new iPhone 12 series in India, so smartphones are receiving huge import duties. Indian Business Magazine Market Today’s analysis reveals that Indian consumers are going, with 22 per cent import duty and 18 per cent sales and service tax (GST) to pay 21 344 Indian rupees for iPhone (around USD 290).

You can check the balance sheet of AAPL at before investing.